emma, 17. i like cute pop groups and happy endings.
hayworths asked:
downton abbey pls

Favourite character: MARY JOSEPHINE CRAWLEY
Funniest character: humour?? I’m drawing a blank. I like to laugh at Robert
Best-looking character: If Mary isn’t on your list of best-looking characters you are objectively wrong. Also, Thomas and Branson and none for Stovens bye
3 favourite ships: Mary/Matthew :///, uhh Sybil/Branson, Mary/Branson since everything’s going to hell anyways (also Edith/Evelyn!!!!)
Least favourite character: lol Bates and Robert 
Least favourite ship: let’s not talk about how much I hated the Daisy/William storyline (I hated the Daisy/William storyline). Also Robert/Cora #FreeCora and Anna/Bates I guess??
Reason why I watch it: I’m too invested in Mary Crawley’s happiness to get out now
Why I started watching it: My mom told me I would enjoy it! And she was right!! This is all her fault!!

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