emma, 17. i like cute pop groups and happy endings.
blushing naomi…… where is cruel and heartless emma.. bring her back so i don’t have 2 blush..

Q: twitter naomi, tumblr naomi, cruel and heartless naomi, excited and username-confused naomi, snapchat naomi (aangg)
  1. TWITTER NAOMI days in which i don’t talk to you on twitter are sad days but don’t tell anyone i said that
  2. snapchat naomi has produced some real gems
  3. excited and username-confused naomi IS SO CUTE
  4. cruel and heartless naomi IS ALSO SO CUTE
  5. tumblr naomi but that’s because i rarely go on tumblr anymore it’s nothing personal
Q: makoharu, winry, that shinee video, breathing, me (naomi) (aangg)


  1. breathing’s pretty cool
  2. you’re pretty cool too i guess
  3. WINRY!!!!!! 
  4. idk whether “that shinee video” means ring ding dong or the replay dance practice, EITHER WAY it’s really important
  5. sorry makoharu :c i love you enough o make a fanmix for you okay I LOVE YOU DON’T TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY
Q: edward elric, snsd, arcade fire, strawberries, sunshine (nonbinarynico)


  1. ….edward elric my love is REAL ok
  2. arcade fire got me through most of high school so
  3. snsd, i feel bad for putting them at #3 :((( but i’ve known the other two for longer I’M SORRY
  4. sunshine, i live near vancouver i can handle rain/lack of sun and i’m very white and i burn easily
  5. strawberries are extremely overrated IMO
put five anything in my ask and i’ll put them in my preference order


macklekit, macklepaw, macklemore, and finally macklestar, leader of thriftclan


reblog for easter


LINKSYS and 0387830001 valiantly ignoring the shit-storm around them.


The park admits the wind, the petals lift and scatter.

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